Introduction to the blog


This is the Solar Ellipsis blog. Here I will be giving you advice on how to make your band experience more productive, enjoyable and profitable.  We will touch on topics such as, managing your social media, playing shows out of town, organizing productive practices and much more. This post will serve as an introduction to the blog and give you some of my background and experience.

My name is Daniel Hopin, I play saxophone in Solar Ellipsis (that’s me in the middle).  Noah (left) is the drummer and Brandon (right) is the trombonist.   IMG_2487 (1)Solar Ellipsis is a three piece Jazz/Dance band with the goal of merging the genres to create music that has the appeal of pop music with the depth of some older jazz classics.  We have been playing shows in Gainesville, Florida for over a year and have about 21 years of experience of playing music between the three of us.

We have played shows with nationally touring acts such as Knox Hamilton, Moon Hooch, and Ground up.  We built up our brand from an idea to reality and are continuing to grow everyday.  I know first hand the hundreds and hundreds of challenges that new groups face and how to overcome them.

I hope this blog can provide readers with ideas and advice to help get their musical projects off the ground and allow them to expand and become successful.   This blog should also give the non-musically inclined an inside look at how bands operate and some advice that can be applied to other aspects of life.


-Daniel Hopin




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